Simmental . . .

We have been breeding Simmental cattle since 1970, with our first half-blood calves on the ground that year out of Petunia. We have been upgrading, through A.I., from this foundation, progressing through Galant, Signal, and what we considered the top bulls available each generation.

We have always tried to breed "Cattle for the Real World", and have practiced Total Herd Reporting and 100% Performance Testing for the entire 46 years of our existence. Our breeding program has focused on reasonable birth weights, excellent mothering ability, fast growth, and superior carcasses. We have tried to keep a 6 to 7 frame size in our cattle. The market has demanded solid colored Simmentals and we have been working towards both red and black.

Simmental Sires. . .

SS Goldmine L42

Hook Pacesetter 8P

GWS Ebonys Trademark 6N

Sand Ranch Hand

Mo Better

Hooks Shear Force

SVF NJC Built Right N48

LMF Movin Forward U3

WS Beef Maker R13

TNT Gunner N208

TNT Top Gun R244

Ankonian Red Caesar

Ellingson Legacy M229 Olie

LCHMN Bright Light 61226

FMB Simmental Sires. . .

FMB Goldmine 160S


FMB shear Force 38k 106t


FMB 160S 250W