2021 Bull Sale

Greetings to our friends in cattle production. Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for all than 2020!

We have some terrific bulls for sale this year. Make sure to check out the sons of FMB Conqueror 15D,
a bull who sires uniform calves proving consistently high-performing and productive, and a strong line-up
of red Simmental bulls out of FMB Sundance Kid 34Z.

Saturday, April 3, we will host our Opening Day Private Treaty Sale for the yearling bulls here at the farm
using a silent auction format. The bulls can be viewed after 10 AM that day, with final bids taken at noon.
Any bids can be left either that morning if you prefer not to wait until noon, or earlier at 515-379- 1499.
There will be a $50 discount applied to bulls picked up the day of the sale.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received the ultrasound carcass data back from the lab. This information
will be posted as soon as it is available on our website, and will be accessible on the registration page of
each bull once processed.

The catalog is arranged in a two-line entry format. When reading the listing, the heading in bold matches
the data in bold, etc. Under each EPD is the percentile which explains how this bull ranks within the breed.
For example, a 25% under birth wt. means this bull is in the top 25% of all reg. Red Angus bulls of this age group.
Registration numbers for each bull are listed, and we encourage you to visit either the Red Angus Association of America
( www.redangus.org ), or the American Simmental Association ( www.simmental.org , www.herdbook.org ) to find
further pedigree information as well as performance ratios and data found under the Expanded Report selection
at the bottom of the page.

Francis, Karol, and Cindy

We now have the carcass information on the bulls and they are looking really good.

Red Angus Carcass Data
Simmental Composite Carcass Data
2 Year Old Bull Carcass Data