Annual Bred Female Sale

Greetings to all our friends in the cattle business. We have decided that the size of our spring calving herd needs to be trimmed down—what does this mean for you? An increased number of young but experienced cows offered for sale along with solid mature cows and an excellent selection of purebred Red Angus and Simmental heifers, SimAngus heifers, and commercial heifers (and a couple cows, too).

This year, our Annual Bred Female Sale will be held Saturday, November 12, at our farm, with our silent auction format but with an important change. This year the opening day sale will run from NOON to 2 PM. All cattle picked up that day receive a $50 per head discount.

In the catalog listing are registration numbers for each animal, and we encourage you to visit either the Red Angus Association of America ( ), or the American Simmental Association ( , ) to find further EPD and pedigree information as well as performance ratios and data found under the Expanded Report selection at the bottom of the page. Due to space constraints, only the primary Red Angus service sires are listed in the mailing, but
the full list will be available on sale day or upon request.

We thank you for your business in the past and hope to see you this November. Please call (515) 379-1499 or (515) 890-3797 with any questions or to stop by.

We’ll see you on the 12th!
Francis, Karol, and Cindy



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