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-Purchased our first Angus heifer.
1970 -Purchased Top Selling Bull at the Iowa State Angus Sale.
1973 -Started carcass evaluation.
1977 -Purchased Marshall Pride 659, from Erdmann and Ankony Angus.
1979 -Marshall Pride 659 makes Certified Meat Sire, tested on our commercial Angus cows.
1982 -Purchased breeding interest in TC Doctor Zhivago at $80,000.
1983 -Bred Iowa Junior Heifer of the Year, RMP Playmate.

-River Basin Sale: 2nd High Selling Bull

1984 -1st Place Tri County Steer Futurity.

-Purchased breeding interest in Black Thunder.

1985 -Iowa Beef Expo: 3rd High Selling Bull.

-River Basin Sale: Two Top Selling Females.

1986 -Tri County Steer Futurity: 2nd Place, Gain 4.53.
1988 -President of the Iowa Angus Association. 
River Basin Sale: Top selling Female
1991 -River Basin Sale: Top selling Bred Cow.
1993 -River Basin Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer.

-Cyclone Country Sale: Top Selling Cow at $3050 and Top Selling Bred Heifer at $2750

1994 -River Basin Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer.

-Open to the World Bull Sale: #rd High Selling Bull.

-Midwest Connection Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer; Top Selling Cow; 3rd High Selling Open Heifer; and Top Avg. Price Consignment.

-Cyclone Country Sale: 2nd High Selling Bred Heifer at $2100

1995 -River Basin Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer.

-Midwest Connection Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer.

-Cyclone Country Sale: Top Selling Open Heifer and Top Selling Female, Bred Heifer.

1996 -ICA Bull Tests in Dunlap: 2nd and 6th High Indexing Bulls

-Tri County Steer Futurity I: 2nd Place Steer; 6 Head make Pasture to Plate Honor Roll.

-Tri County Steer Futurity II: 1st Place.
Midwest Connection Sale: Top Selling Bull, 2/3 Interest at $4000; Top Selling Open Heifer; Top Selling Bred Heifer; and Top Avg. Price Consignment.

-2 Bulls in the top 100 Yearling Weight EPDs in the Breed.

-Purchased breeding interest in Reliabull.

1997 -ICA Bloomfield Bull Test: Top Gaining Bull.

-ICA Leon Bull Test: Top Marbling and 2nd High Ribeye Bull on test.

-ICA Dunlap Bull Test: Top Marbling Bull- highest in all tests that year.

-Iowa Beef Expo: No. 1 Yearling EPD Bull in Sale.

-Spartan County Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer.

-Open to the World Bull Sale: 3rd High Selling Bull; 2 Champions.

-Tri County Steer Futurity I: 1st Place, Gain of 4.23.

-Midwest Connection Sale: Top Selling Bred Heifer.

-Cyclone Country Sale: 2nd High Selling Bred Heifer.

-A bred heifer bought in the Midwest Connection Sale produces the 2nd High Selling Bull at $4000 for Beitelspacher Angus.

-A customer has the 2 Top Selling Cows in the Ringgold Plus Sale, out of Pierce bred cows.

-Iowa Seedstock Producer of The Year.

Bred the No. 1 Non-Parent Yearling EPD Female in the Angus Breed.

1998 -Bred the No. 1 and No. 2 Yearling EPD Bulls in the Iowa Beef Expo.

-Spartan Country Sale: Top Selling Open Heifer, 2nd high overall.

-Open to the World Bull Sale: 2nd and 4th High Selling Bulls; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 11th High Yearling EPD Bulls in the sale- we had 7 out of 86 bulls.

-ICA Dunlap Test: 3rd High Indexing and Gaining Bull.

-No. 1 Non-Parent Female of the Breed on Yearling EPD, 104 lbs.

-ICA Bloomfield Test: 2nd High Gaining Bull.

-Iowa Angus Bull Test: High Yearling EPD, 94 lbs.; 6th High Indexing Bull.

-149 Pathfinders- Cows and Bulls in 15 years. 

-November- Held our first female sale at the Avoca, Iowa Sale Barn.

-November- Elected District 17 Director to the Iowa Cattlemen's Association Board of Directors.

1999 -January- Received the Pott. County Cattlemen's Association Beef Promoter of the Year Award.

-January- Hosted a group of cow-calf operators from Georgia, have cattle on feed in the area. They are looking for high  quality carcass genetics.

-Sold our second group of 10 head of steers and heifers on the grid to IBP. 8 of 10 made Prime, 1 Choice-, 1 Select-, that steer being by an A.I. sired bull and out of an A.I. sired female. 4 head were sired by RMP Omega, 2 made mid-Prime and were YG's 2's, and 2 made Prime- and were YG's 3's. A full sister in blood to Omega was included due to a uterine infection and graded Prime-. Receiver a $351 premium on the 8 head with only a $4 per 100 lbs. premium on the primes.

-April- 10 Pathfinder Cow Awards, 160 awards in 17 years.

-Open to the World Bull Sale. We consigned the No. 1 yearling EPD bull for the 2nd year in a row.

-A customer that bought 3 bulls from us entered 18 calves in the Tri-County Steer Futurity, out of 166 head on test. He had the 1st place carcass value per day on feed and a gain of 4.62 lbs.; he had another steer that was the 1st place carcass value per day of age steer. Age at harvest- 12.5 months, ADG: 3.41, Gain Ratio: 106, WDA Ratio: 102, Fat: .45", Ribeye: 11.86, YG: 3, % Retail Product:70.37. 78% Choice.

Nov. 1999, Held our second Carcass-Performance Production sale with the site 
switched to our sale facility on our farm.




-No. 1 WDA bull in the Angus breed and No. 3 over all at the Dunlap ICA bull test.

-A heifer set a new record in our herd on ultrasound IMF at 7.71%, and a bull set a new record at 8.18%, the record in the breed on a bull this year was 8.52%. The group of heifers had an average IMF of 5.5%.

-RMP Apollo receives a IMF epd of +.4, putting him in the top 16 bulls of the breed.

-Killed a steer that had the following data: grade: prime +, fat- .3", rea- 16.1", kph- 2%, yield grade- 1.34, retail product- 75.50%, received a $25.50 per hundred premium totaling $190.75.

-Pierce Angus Farm registered the 2nd largest group of cattle in the state of Iowa according to the American Angus Association at 284 head.

Dec. 2000, Held our 35th Anniversary and Herd Reduction Sale. Top bred cow at $2400 and top fall calved cow at $2250 to a Colorado buyer. Top bred heifers to Iowa buyers for $2600 and $2350, and the top open heifer to a Missouri buyer. A strong north wind, temps dropping toward 10 degrees, and the forecast for a snow storm to start in the afternoon, kept some buyers from coming long distances, but the cattle were will accepted with many selling to repeat buyers. 

Dec. 2000, Spring 2001 Sire Evaluation report: RMP Apollo ranks 4th in the breed in the supplement list with a IMF of +.42, one of his sons has an IMF of .68. RMP Omega ranks in the elite of the breed at +.41 on REA, and +.19 on IMF. RMP Kojack has an outstanding REA of +.69

2001 EPDs on 2001 include a bull at 104 lbs. and a heifer at 101 on yearling wt.
Ultrasound data , a Gemini daughter sets a new adj. 365 record for us at 8.11%
Had a 16 month old Omega daughter HAVE AN ACTUAL 8.11% IMF and 16.5" ribeye on ultrasound.
Bull sale average price tops $2550 for the year.
32 head of cattle harvested
     Wt. 797 lbs.
Fat - . 39"
REA - 12.7"
YG - 2.75
Primes - 20
CAB - 7
Choice - 1
CAB or higher - 84%
Choice or higher - 97%
YG 1's and 2's - 24 - 75%
YG 3's - 8

A bull descending from RMP Playmate, 1984 Iowa Junior Heifer of the year for Olson Angus at Ground Mound Iowa, was the all time top gaining bull in an Iowa Cattleman�s bull test.  He was the top selling bull in the Bloomfield sale.  Playmate had produced the Grand Champion Junior heifer at the American Royal, and a daughter produced the Grand Champion Iowa Beef Expo heifer selling for $6000, and another daughter produced a $7000 heifer for the Olson�s.  Playmate�s son was the Junior Champion bull at the National Junior Angus Show.  Playmate was by Power Play out of a daughter of our CMS, Marshall Pride 659.

Olson�s developed a great cow family from this purchase from Pierce Angus. 

Pierce Angus produced the 3 high yearling epd entries at the Iowa Beef Expo this year all sired by BSS Limited Design.  One set an all time record of 104 lbs.; this bull came in at 114 lbs. on the summer epd run.  Another bull had a 95 epd at Expo time and later went up to 100 lbs.  Both bulls sold in the top 10 of the sale, one buyer bought both, he came back and bought the other brother to them this fall.  Liked the easy keeping and good dispositions.  Our 3rd entry was a Limited Design heifer that had a 101 epd at sale time, and later went to 104 lbs.  She sold to Gary Wall and Pure Genetics.  Watch for this great cow prospect down the road. 

We only consigned 2 heifers to the Tri County Futurities this past year.  Both were Limited Design heifers.  There were 3 Prime heifers in the entire test, and both of our heifers made that. 

Ultrasound tests on the Jan-Feb 2001 bulls and heifers this year were fantastic.  15 bulls, ave. marbling of 3.77% high of 6.55%, Ribeye ave. of 14.18, high of 16.3, ave. fat thickness of .31�.  21 Heifers ave.  marbling of 5.15% high of 7.65%, Ribeye ave. 13.17�, high of 16.6�, ave. fat thickness of .43."

2003 A customer had the 4th high selling and 4th high indexing bull at the Iowa Angus Bull Test. He bought the dam as an open heifer for $900; he bred her to Bon View New Design 1407 and produced this bull on her first try. Gained 5.11 lbs. per day on test and sold for $3200.

We consigned 7 head to the Tri County Steer Futurity. 1 heifer was a Prime-, YG 3.24, she place 5th out of 104 heifers on the test on Retail Value per day on feed.

In the steer test, we had 6 head, 1 steer graded Prime-, the only steer to grade prime in the 173 head on the test, he was a yg 2.92. We had 3 steers grade Mid choice, 2.78, 2.87 and 3.7 yield grades. 2 made choice minus, yg�s 2.22, and 2.46. We had 4 steers place 6th,10th, 14th, and 23rd out of 173 steers.

On the summer run of the Angus Sire Evaluation, 9 of the top 10 bulls of the breed for marbling, traced to our herd sire, Marshall Pride 659 (CMS), or to his dam, Peggy of Wetonka 441. Several of these bulls were line bred to �659� and �441�, like much like our herd is. We feel there is a very strong marbling gene in these cattle. We continue to use bulls that trace back to this foundation of our herd. BSS Limited Design, an AI bull we use, goes back to �659�once and to his dam 3 times. Limited Design calves that we have harvested have been running 50% primes. Peggy of Wetonka 441 produced 2 Certified Meat Sires.

We joined a group of SW Iowa and Neb. Angus breeders in forming the Elite Angus Genetic Alliance, or EAGA. Goals: to have a development bull test, merchandise feeder cattle and bred and open females for buyers from the EAGA program

Midwest Connection sale, consigned the top selling bred heifer at $2900, she carried a 7.56% IMF.

6 head of fats harvested in Dec. Market was booming, $1 plus, so we sold 6 head early. Ave wt. of  1132, all were yield grade 1's. 3 made CAB, all made choice or better. With the right genetics, you
can take advantage of a hot market. With our high marbling genetics we could get them to all grade
choice or better and have them lean. Conversely, in a market that you think may improve you can take
them heavier, have a high percentage of Primes and still fall in the yg 2-3 area and have no discounts.

2004 RMP Omega, on the national sire evaluation, ranks 18th in the breed for Ultrasound Ribeye at +.69, and
also has a retail product of .46. He has sired 50% primes, and an ave. yg of 2.65. Daughters have an
ave. nursing ratio of 104.

The only fall steer we had, sold on the grid graded- Prime-yield grade 1. Base price was $138, premium of $32 for Prime and $6.50 for yg 1, for a dressed price of $176.50. Total Prem of $311.85. This steer weighed 1330 lbs., brought $1429, or $1.07 live on a $.83 market.

EAGA bull evaluation test. We consigned the top selling bull, he was the 3rd high WDA and ADG bull in the test and sold to a many times-repeat customer. A son of Omega was the 2nd high WDA bull on the test out of 95 head. We had an ADG ratio of 103 on our 8 bulls.


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