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Earl Marshall Selabration 103 sale
Dec 4, at Anita, Iowa

R M P Blackbird 1627
Born 3/11/16
AAA 18565873
Tattoo - 1627 Bw _ 76, 205 day wt. 665, ratio - 115

One of the top show heifer prospects we have produced. Sired by the $27000 Mohnen Custer, a member of the 2015 National Western Grand Champion Carload of bulls. The dam had a son sell for $5000 in 2015. The grand dam, the 1051 cow was the top performance heifer in her crop, weaning at 742, ra 121, 365 day 1144, ra-123. Her 3rd dam, the 6067 cow was a power cow for us and a flush sister to R M P Gemini, who was the 2nd high selling bull at the Open to the World bull sale. On back was the Blackbird 744 cow that was one of the all time top cows in our herd, a great daughter of Black Thunder. This heifer has been a stand out since she was born.


R M P Proud Lady 1312
Born 1/29/13
AAA 17633407
Tattoo - 1312, Bw - 80, 205 - 661- ra-111, 365 - 883, ra-113

Exposed to Mohnen Custer from 4/28/16 to 7/31/16, observed and vet called to 5/28/16 due about 3/6/17. A big, powerful, young daughter of Doc. From a great producing line of cows over a long period of time for us. Her dam has a super daughter of Custer in the replacement pen this year.


R M P Proud Lady 1623
Born 2/20/16
AAA 18565869
Tattoo - 1623, Bw - 68, 205 day wt. 575, ratio - 99

The latest genetics from our program. Custer the $27000, and member of the Denver Champion Carload. Out of a great daughter of Doc. In the Whitestone sale this spring the 2nd high selling bull at $22000 was a paternal brother to Custer, and out of TC Marcia 1069, the dam of Doc. This cross has worked very well for us in this first crop. This heifer has about as good of a set of epds that can written.


R M P Miss Isabella 1033
Born 9/16/2010
AAA 17341084
Tattoo - 1033, Bw - 88, 205 - 605, ra-111, 365 - 1126, ra-98

Exposed to Mohnen Custer from 4/28 to 7/31/17, Observed bred 7/4, due about 4/12/17. Has a daughter in the herd, and had a very good Custer bull that will sell this next year. She had a son sell for $6000 last fall to Missouri. The dam, 0436, had sons sell for $6500 and $5500, her performance was ww-682, ra-116, 365 - 1034, ra -118. The grand dam 9026 was a show heifer for us. Her performance was 205- 680, ra-111, 365- 1173, ra. 132, and had a production record of 6 wwr/111, and 5 ywr/112. Lots of growth in this cow line. Current was a bull sold in dam to Brayton Angus and we bought back and used him for several years on heifers, never assisted any of them. Finally started using on cows and have a group of excellent producing daughters of him including the dam of our feature heifer calf in this sale. A double shot of 095 and a shot of Omega, makes for some great carcass cattle and very good cows. Foundation making cow here.


R M P Marshalls Barbara 1603
Born - 1/21/2016
Tattoo - 1603 BW -90, 205-653 lbs., ratio-113

Also selling in this sale are 2 maternal sisters, R M P Marshalls Barbara 1238 and R M P Marshalls Barbara 1350. Dam is an outstanding producing cow for us. TC Doc Holliday was the 4th high selling bull at the 2012 TC Ranch sale at $17000 for ½ interest. His sons have averaged over $6000 for us at private treaty. He is a maternal brother to TC Franklin, TC Touchdown, TC Forthright, and another maternal brother was the 2nd high selling bull at the Whitestone bull sale this spring for $22000. A maternal sister sold this fall for $22000 at the fall Whitestone sale. This heifer is a long spined, show heifer and brood cow prospect.


R M P Marshalls Barbara 1350
Born - 11/18/13
AAA 17877963
Tattoo - 1350, Bw - 78, 205- 537, ra-87, 365 - 963, ra 100

Exposed to TC Doc Holliday from 5/10 to 7/31. Vet called her bred about 6/11, due about 3/18/17. The full sister to the 1238 cows and maternal sister to 1603 open heifer. Great young cow with a great future ahead. Had a super son of Doc this past year. Theses Finalist daughters really milk, and are easy keepers.


R M P Marshalls Barbara 1238
Born - 10/26/12
AAA 17448908
Tattoo - 1238, Bw - 84, 205 - 610, ra- 100

Exposed to Mohnen Custer from 5/10 to 7/31/17, observed bred 5/20, due about 2/26/17. A powerful cow just coming into her prime, the Finalist daughters have perfect udders and small teats. Easy keepers, have been some of the great young cows for us. Her 2014 bred heifer sells in this sale, as does her full sister and a maternal sister is the 1603 open heifer selling. Put all of this cow family together to form a great foundation.


R M P Marshalls Barbara 1439
Born 10/20/14
AAA 18207821
Tattoo - 1439, Bw - 70, 205 - 572, ra-98, 365 - 937, ra-100

AI bred to Mohnen Custer 5/5/16, vet called to this date, due about 2/4/17. Exposed to Custer from 5/23 to 7/31/17. Dam is the Barbara 1238 cow that sells in this sale, and the 1350 cow is a full sister to 1238, and both of those Finalist daughters are out of the same cow as the 1603 open feature heifer. A chance to put a great cow family together for a foundation line. ¾ brothers have been averaging over $6000 and we are retaining a ¾ brother this year for in herd use. This heifer with the Doc, Finalist cross, and then double bred to RMP Omega, should make a great genetic package with the Custer breeding.


R M P Black Mischief 1301
Born 1/16/2013
AAA 17633402
Tattoo - 1301, 05 - 638lbs. ratio - 107, 365 day wt. 891- ratio- 114

Exposed to Mohnen Custer from 4/29 to 7/31/16, observed and called to 5/25/16 making her due about 3/3/17. Selling with one of the top heifer calves in our crop this year. These Finalist daughters are some of the best producing cows we have had. Great udders, perfect teats. The 1040 cows was a big barreled beef cow. The 0403 cow had a wwr of 136 and a ywr of 125. Double bred to the great carcass and cow sire, R M P Omega. He sired 28 steers that were harvested and 50% graded Prime. In fact he sired a couple of Prime + calves one being a heifer that was also a quality grade 1.


R M P Black Mischief 1618
Born 2/13/16
AAA 18565865
Tattoo - 1618, Bw 78 lbs., 205 664, ratio - 115

A heifer that has looked good from the start. This cross of Doc Holliday on Musgrave Finalist daughters has worked very well for us. The first calf crop of Doc sons bred this way averaged $6100 all 4bulls out of 1st calf heifers. We are keeping a ¾ brother, RMP Frontier Doc, from the 2016 bull crop for in herd use. This heifer will show and make a great brood cow.


R M P Lady Erica 1432
Born - 9/15/14
AAA 18207815
Tattoo - 1432, Bw - 80, 205 - 576, ra - 99, 365 - 947, ra-101

Ai bred to Mohnen Custer on 4/26/16, due about 2/2/17 Exposed to Custer from 5/23/16 to 7/31/16 A full brother sold for $6000 this summer, have another full brother in the lot for this next year. One of the top bred heifers we have ever offered. We had the misfortune of losing Custer this summer, so these calves will be valuable. This cross of Custer on Doc daughters worked very well in this first crop of Custer calves. The grand dam, 2068 has been one of the great ones for us. She has 7 natural daughters in the herd and everyone is a great producer. AnT Scout did a great jobs for us, he was sold in dam to Brayton Angus at Rowely, Iowa, and we bought him back as a calf. He was the 095 - Omega cross that always worked well, and both high end carcass sires.



Roger & Connie Pierce
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Hancock, IA 51536-4205
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