RBS You're Right (Gloria)

Owned with Jackson Lashmett Winchester, Ill (3/4 simmy) Built Right x S676
(Meyer 734 x 6807)

RBS Yours Truly (Jackie)

Owned with Tim Johnson (3/4 simmy) Built Right x S677 (Meyer 734 x 6807)

JPLF/RBS You’re the One

Broker x RBS You're Right
Owned by Willie Weis

Ruby NFF Rhythm B064

Grand Master x Rhythm 418P
Owned by Reck Brothers, Lashmett Cattle and Willie Wies


Offspring of Donor Cha Ching

Eline R K 7

          # D H D Traveler 6807
GDAR Traveler 044  #11447335
          #G D A R Blackcap Lady 840

          Traveler R K
Eline R K 3 
          Eline R K  

#Q A S Traveler 23-4
#Bemindful Maid D H D 0807
#+Skarship Saratoga
Blackcap Lady 369 G D A R
#Q A S Traveler 23-4
Blackcap B A S 76
Bell Boy B A S 1552
Eline B A S 61

If you think you might be at the top of the foundation business you sure might want to take a look at what this female has produced. She can contribute to more than just on side of the foundation business. Check out these sons by Meyer 734, RBS Hot Shot not to mention the Meyer 734 daughters. We have a great set of calves on the ground and guess who the grand dam is to some of our top prospects yes the Eline R K 7 female.



Sired by Hot Shot

 Sired by Hot Shot

Sired by Meyer 734

Sired by Meyer 734


Meyer 5-1
Sired by Meyer 734

R536 Expo H2
Sired by Meyer 734

Meyer 16-1

Sired by Meyer 734

Meyer #1

Sired by Meyer 734

RBS Sweet Thing

  • Watch out for this power house Reck Bro.
  • Watch for details coming soon!

We have embryo’s coming this spring by All Star. Plus keep watching our web site for the addition she has made to our bull battery. We will be putting in Heat Wave, All Star, Forman embryo’s out of this outstanding female this spring.

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