There will be an award given to the top 3 placing cows. Awards will be presented to the winners during a WSA Sale or function within the year.

The first place winner of the “Cow of the Year” award will be retired from eligibility for this award and will not be eligible to compete in future years.

Cows do not have to be entered in consecutive years to be eligible for awards when they do enter.

Deceased cows will be considered for this award if they gave birth and raised a calf the past year.

Cows that have been used as recipients will not be given credit for the embryo calves they raised, but all of her calving intervals will be included in her average calving interval.

Animal must be owned by current WSA or WJSA members.
Open to purebred, full-blood, & percentage cows that are not less than 50% Simmental.
Sires used for mating of cows entered can be other breeds, however the calves must be at least 50% Simmental.
Examples: 100% cow could be bred to anything 50% cow must be bred to bull at least 50% Simmental to make 50% calf.

Cow must have had its first calf prior to reaching 30 months of age.
Cow must have calved and raised her natural calf a minimum of 3 times.
Judging: Calving ease of each natural calf
Adjusted weaning weights of each natural calf
Number of calves raised
Average calving interval for all calves

Please return the completed application form and payment of a nomination fee of $10.00 to cover award expenses to:
WSA Performance Cow of the Year Award
Attn: Lisa Vetsch
S7680 Hillview Rd
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Applications must be postmarked by February 1st each year.
Any questions regarding the Rules and Regulations or the Application Form may be directed to: Bill Meyer 715-784-0222 or Jeanne Pope 608-604-0091.

The application form for this program can be found here.


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