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Junior eligible individual that buys either embryos, heifers, and/or steers at a Wisconsin Simmental Association (WSA) sanctioned sale will be eligible to receive a credit toward their next purchase of an animal and/or embryos at a WSA sanctioned sale or utilize earned show credits if eligible toward scholarship.

The following criteria must be met to receive this credit:

1) The Junior must be a member of the Wisconsin Junior Simmental Association (WJSA).

2) The animal or embryos must be shown within 1 ½ to 3 ½ years respectively.
a. A live purchase must be shown within the 1 ½ (18 months) year period of eligibility which begins immediately on the date of purchase.
b. Embryos have a 3 year window of eligibility of use however the 1 ½ year eligibility window for earning show credits begins at the time the embryo/calf reaches 8 months of age. All eligible purchase credits must still fall within the extended 3 year embryo eligibility and any wins or show participation that fall outside of that are not eligible to receive a credit.

3) Validated proof of show participation must be provided to WSA along with proof of purchase from a WSA sanctioned sale to receive any credits.

4) Each purchase is eligible for 1 ½ years or as in the situation of an embryo purchase 3 years. Each purchase is eligible to obtain the maximum credit.

5) A Junior purchase is eligible to earn a maximum of $600.00 per purchase to be utilized as a purchase credit over a 2 year period. The exception would be either a placement of grand or reserve grand at the National level, which will allow for a credit of $1,000.00 or $750.00 respectively.

6) A Junior may utilize their earned credits in either the 1st year or 2nd year after the purchase date or eligibility date. When the earned credits of any purchase are used by the Junior in either the 1st or 2nd year of eligibility that purchase is no longer eligible to earn credits.

7) A Junior purchase may not be transferred to anyone else. If an animal or embryo lot purchased at a WSA event is transferred, all eligibility is forfeited.

8) Any Junior that shows his or her animal that is an eligible animal at least twice over 1 ½ years and with written proof of participation in any of the below listed events, shall automatically be eligible for an automatic $150.00 credit toward their next purchase from a WSA sanctioned sale. A Junior purchase is not required to place to earn the automatic credit.

National Shows (Naile, Denver, ASA Jr. Nationals)
GRAND $ 1,000.00
RES. GRAND $ 750.00
* CLASS $ 300.00
* A minimum of 3 animals in a class is required for a credit to be awarded for a win in class.

State Fairs & ASA Regionals
GRAND $ 500.00
RES. GRAND $ 250.00

* County Fairs & Pre-view Shows
GRAND $150
*A Junior may utilize only 2 wins in this class through the 1 ½ year period of show eligibility.

Scholarship Option
Any Junior in or entering his/her Junior year of High School up to their maximum WJSA membership age, with commitment to a post secondary education will be eligible to convert their purchase credits into a scholarship to the school of their choice.

Scholarship will be paid upon completion of first semester and proof of enrollment in the following semester.

WSA reserves the right to modify and/or alter any and all aspects of the Junior Purchase Credit Incentive Program. All decisions made by WSA in regard to this program are final.

Reviewed & Updated April 2014


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