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We have been breeding purebred Red Angus since 1971 and Simmental since 1970. Our first Red Angus A.I. sires were Chocataw Chief 373, Burke 787, Ankonian Dynamo, and then the outcross black PowerPlay. Our first Simmental A.I. sires were Petunia, Florian, then Galant and Signal. We have used A.I. each year trying to find the best of the breeds. We don't go to extremes; we believe in balance. We also believe performance is the essential ingredient and have done performance testing since the beginning. Our first sale 47 years ago gave 205 weight, Daily Gain, 365 weight, and Ratio. Look what information we have now.


Greetings to all our friends in the cattle business. We hope you have had a successful harvest, in spite of the weather.

We have both purebred and composite heifers settled to Red Angus calving ease bulls, as well as productive mature cows. In the catalog listing are registration numbers for each animal, and we encourage you to visit either the Red Angus Association of America (www.redangus.org), or the American Simmental Association (www.simmental.org, www.herdbook.org) to find further EPD and pedigree information as well as performance ratios and data found under the Expanded Report selection at the bottom of the page.

We thank you for your business in the past and hope to see you this November. Please call (515) 379-1499 with any questions or to stop by.

Francis, Karol, and Cindy

Employment Opportunity:  We are always looking for full-time and flexible part-time help.  If you or someone you know is interested in working in the cow-calf sector or getting into cattle production, please let us know.

15D - April 7, 2018
FMB Iron Mountain 33A, a Catagory 2 Red Angus.  He is doing a good job at Windy Ridge Red Angus down in Missouri.  His best score is Marbling at top 1% of the breed.  And Gridmaster at 9%.    FMB Conqueror 15D, a purebred Red Angus.  We are very pleased with his EPD stats.  He is in the top 1% on Gridmaster, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight,  and top 7% on Marbling.   His actual birth weight was 79 pounds, weaning EPD at 92, and yearling EPD at 160,   920 and 1604 actual pounds respectively.


First photo is two bred crossbred heifers that were for sale in 2016 and second photo were Bred Heifers for spring Calving.

Simmental cow with her heifer calf in July. The group is breakfast for the heifer calves in their winter quarters

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We would like to thank everyone for coming, and purchasing our cattle. So many of you are coming back year after year for our cattle and we appreciate your confidence in them. We have enjoyed the cattle breeding end of the business and try to find the best combination of genetics we can. Thank you everyone.

Francis , Karol, and Cindy

Private treaty at the farm.
We have 47 years of AI to the top bulls of the Red Angus and Simmental breeds, with emphasis on balanced traits. We have included genomic enhanced EPDs on these bulls. Visitors always welcome.